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Cranford Real Estate

This medium-sized city boasts of a population of just 22,578. Cranford real estate is known for its high-quality homes and exceptional public schools. Residents in the area are primarily white-collar works and then to be employed in offices or sales.

As two of the top neighborhoods in Cranford, Union College and Springfield Avenue are made up of medium-sized single-family homes. This neighborhood is so popular that its vacancy rate hovers under an exceptionally low three percent. Many of the residents enjoy outing to the theater, art galleries or fine dining establishments. Ethnically, this neighborhood has a number of people of Austrian or Lithuanian ancestry.

This beautiful section of Cranford is known for its community-like atmosphere and ultra-low crime rate. Many of the residents in the area have known each other for a long time, so the entire area has a comfortable, friendly feel to it. Designed to be walkable, this neighborhood is close to a large community of college students. To keep the area’s students occupied, Winfield and Park Village have an exceptional number of amenities geared to this age group. Interestingly, this section of Cranford is also a popular spot for retirees.

With an enviable low crime rate, Cranford is an ideal place to raise children. The area has a high rate of college-educated adults, good schools and a high rate of home ownership. Since Cranford is such a small community, it lacks the public transportation options that people expect in the city.

Among the many different schools in the area, students can attend Hillside Avenue School, Cranford Senior High School, Bloomindale Avenue School and Walnut Avenue School. Other schools in the area include the Livingston Avenue Elementary School and the Orange Avenue School.

Residents in Cranford often enjoy visiting artistic or gourmet venues in their off time. With a number of local parks and recreational opportunities, Cranford is a comfortable, elegant place to live.

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